Zsolt becomes Canadian

Guess who became Canadian? Zsolt!

It’s been a ridiculous week, but one wonderful silver lining was my husband gaining his Canadian citizenship. It’s surreal. I was half outta my head with fever this week, but still went to the ceremony because you cannot miss your husband becoming CANADIAN.

Please help me welcome him to Canada. Congratulations, Zsolt!

And thanks to mom, dad and David who were at the ceremony, too.

xoxox! Catherine


Wanted: Bloggers

Imagine you wrote a blog post one day, then the next day you were dragged from your home and taken away. No fair trial, just gone. Maybe worse. Probably worse. That happens; it happens way too often. I figure, bloggers should look out for other bloggers. And so, I’m looking for folks interested in helping share a post about Amnesty’s Write-a-thon. You can pick a case you care about from this website, and I’ll send you some material to help showcase why writing letters matters so much.

Amnesty International is hosting a world wide letter writing event on December 10th. This is a day where thousands upon thousands upon thousand of people write letters on behalf of others who have sufferings that make my little stories look easy. I’m talking about being imprisoned for blogging, for tweeting an opinion, for daring to defend another’s right to express, and so much more.

’cause seriously, imagine if you could be jailed and flogged fro writing your thoughts in a blog post? Imagine that. Except that it’s almost impossible to truly imagine because it’s simply horrible, and thankfully many reading this post won’t live in that kind of world. If you’d like to help create change for those who do, let em know and I’ll give you the 411 on a post. Leave a comment, and I’ll message you to follow up.

Don’t have a blog? You can still sign up and write some letters. You can still tweet out about the event. You can still draw pictures for Zunar the cartoonist for Instagram. You can still do quite a bit  – and as a group, we can help create change.


That’s it from me. Thanks for reading my post. Have a lovely day :)


Going back to Canada

We are on our way back. After two amazing months here in Hungary, the working-holiday has come to its end. I’m both sad to be leaving Zsolt’s incredible family, anxious for the next set of scans, and massively excited for an upcoming opportunity I’ll tell you more about in September. So, let’s just say, I’m a big jumble of emotions. This is resulting in many naps today and a total lack of appetite. The packing needs to be finished, the room needs to be cleaned, and all I really want to do is sleep . . .

Sleep and share some pictures with you. :) This are from my instagram account.

As Zsolt says, it’s like we are starting all over again from scratch – for the third time. I would actually count it at four, considering England, but there you go. This time I have some wonderful things to look forward towards, as does Big Z, but it’s still hard. Leaving is always hard.


#NickArt #Pecs

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Not happy to be leaving #Balaton.

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#Balaton in Hungary

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Digital age artist! And tea drinker, of course. ;)

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#Pecs #Hungary

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An effort of three generations to pick these peaches! :)

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Love that in Balaton, every bod is a bikini bod.

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