Catherine’s Story: The Children of my Daydreams

Catherine Brunelle:

About two weeks ago, I was kindly asked by Marie to submit a piece for her week-long series on fertility issues – cancer and it’s treatment impact being a darn big one of those challenges. So I wrote her a little story about one Saturday morning long, long ago, when Zsolt and I lay in bed dreaming up baby names. Here is a reblog of my full guest post on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. You are welcome to click through and read, and then do explore more of what JBBC has to offer.
;) Catherine (P.S. It’s an emotional piece, but I happen to be having a very good day today. So just keep in mind, it’s not all sad moments)

Originally posted on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer:


Years ago, and I mean nearly ten years ago, my husband – then boyfriend – and I would lay in bed on a Saturday morning and not get out till about noon. We’d just hang out there and talk the way a couple talks when they are new and crazy in love. Somehow on one Saturday morning, the subject came up of baby names.

(So that was thrilling for me, because nothing says ‘long term’ like baby names.)

That discussion sparked several other ‘lay-in and day-dream’ Saturdays, and we finally settled on two names: Claire for a girl, and Joseph for a boy. Zsolt thought Claire was a beautiful name (also my middle name), and I quite liked the Hungarian nickname for Joseph, Joszo, plus it’s my dad’s name.

Since that time I’ve always seen the two of them, Claire & Joszo, in my head. It has felt…

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Nothing Butt Net

So this just happened. Zsolt made a joke and thought it was great – very witty. Therefore, for some reason – remembering he played basketball for a long time, I say, “That joke was nothing but net!”

And then he stops, and gets that look he gets. “But net?”

“But net,” I reply.

But net?”

I almost choke on my paleo pizza now, realizing he is actually saying, over and over with that look of trying to understand “Butt net?

Finally I manage: “Nothing. But. Net.”

“Nothing butt net!?”

And then I can’t eat anymore because I’m laughing too hard.

Finally I explain the expression to him, and make the basketball connection. He gets it. I keep laughing.

Apparently, in Hungarian they say “without bone” for that same kind of experience. Also weird. Yet nothing will ever be beat The Butt Net, whatever that may be. You use your imagination, as Zsolt had to do when he got that look he gets.

Ah, good times.

The end.

It’s Offical: We are outta here

We have given notice on our apartment. Our beatuiful and messed up apartment in Vanier. From giant bedrooms and a gorgeous kitchen to sprinting cockroaches and a neighour who never stops smoking in the apartment below . . .

In March I’ll be getting my scans, and then I’ll be getting results. I’ll also be packing up the entire apartment and moving everything into a storage facility. Because we want to go to Hungary in April. Big Z hasn’t seen his family for a year, and Lake Balaton has been lacking my good company. So whatever the news, we are going. For how long – I don’t know.

Chugga, chugga Train of Life, there you are going forward again – and as usual, I’m not sure what will come next!