Zsolt’s First Knock Knock Joke

Me: Knock Knock

Zsolt: Knock Knock?

Me: No, you are supposed to say who’s there? It’s a knock knock joke. Don’t you know about those?

Zsolt: [silence]

Me: It’s a type of joke. You know, ‘Knock Knock?’”

Zsolt: I don’t get it.

Me: Just say ‘who is there?’ Okay? Knock Knock.

Zsolt: Who is there?

Me: Banana.

Zsolt: [gives a look]

Me: So now you say, Banana Who? And then I hit you with the punch line.

Zsolt: Banana who?

Me: Knock Knock?

Zsolt: Who is there?

Me: Banana.

Zsolt: Banana who?

Me: Knock Knock.

Zsolt: Who is there?

Me: Orange.

Zsolt: Orange who . . .

Me: Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Zsolt: That’s stupid.

Me: I know.

Here’s To The Ladies

Happy International Women’s Day you wonderful, brilliant, creative, sassy, caring, sharp, beautiful, gracious, stubborn, inspiring, loving, deciding, growing, striving bunch of people. We don’t always turn to the one another and say, “You are a role model to me.” So please let me say it today.

In many different ways, I have learned from the women in my life, and the women beyond my life. Whether it was a friend’s compassion, a writer inspiring me with her story, learning business sense, another’s search to be free, strength despite loss, telling hard stories, bull-headed stubbornness, nursing through the night, creativity in the face of violation, personal sacrifice, authentic leadership, gentleness with humour, confessions over tea, big aspirations, building communities, long ago lessons . . . whether it’s any of these moments that have taught me so much, or many others I can’t even begin to list – I find inspiration from you all.

You are my role models. Just so you know.

Here’s to the ladies.






Did a quick doodle on Zsolt’s new touchscreen. I’m rather impressed with the “play” factor of drawing right onto a screen. It’s like a sketch book, only I can do more after the sketch is done. I haven’t done anything to this, but it gets me excited around possibilities for some doodles. :) ~Catherine