Taking care of someone else

Today I’m taking care of a friend who doesn’t feel so well. She was great yesterday, but then for some reason came down with a fever overnight, and has been sleeping this entire morning in bed. Therefore, I’m whipping up a pot of always delicious chicken soup: the cure-all in a pot.

And, interestingly, beside me as I make this soup is a bag of chips (crisps) – which in my opinion go with soup like bread and butter.

Anyhow, this takes me back to late 2010 when every Friday following chemotherapy I had several bowls of soup and at least one bag of chips. It was healing for me then. Maybe it will be healing for her now? In any case, it feels nice (this is slightly selfish, I suppose) it feels nice to be taking care of someone else, rather than being the one who needs help. This is most certainly the better side of things.

Here we are outside of Budapest, at Zsolt’s sister’s house again. After a relaxing few days in Balaton and a relaxing few days in Pecs, we’ve come here to get our tourist on. As sure as she has recovered, we’ll be heading up to the Duna to take pictures and sightsee.

But until then Zsolt and I are resting on the porch as she (Cami) sleeps upstairs. The soup is on and bubbling. And of course there’s that ultimate medicine – time, and plenty of it, for her to recover.