Curriculum Vitae

Right, I’ve summarized my past writing experience plus the support work I’ve done (goodness knows it’s a fantastic thing, helping others). But because this page is mine, and I want to brighten your day, there’s a kick-ass video at the start of this CV for your entertainment. So please: read the CV, reflect on the writing, and watch the video!

My Curriculum Vitae

(and video!)

Catherine Brunelle’s CV (Woohoo!)


MA Creative Writing, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

October, 2007 – September, 2008

BA Highest Honours, Psychology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

September, 2001 – June, 2005

Writing experience:

Active Blogger ranging from May 2010 – Present: Ottawa Writer’s Festival, Facing Cancer Together,,

  • Write online reviews for both literary events and newly released literature.
  • Work within a team of writers, being flexible in availability and assignments.
  • Work with editor to ensure readable, high-quality copy.
  • Target my writing to connect with the reading audience.
  • Generate and edit material independently.
  • Connect and grow community through forums, blogs and twitter.
  • Meet submission deadlines.

Freelance writing and editing 2008 – Present

  • Lead editor and typesetter for the University of Southampton, MA creative writing 2008 anthology, Unwrapped, published through Torque Press, ISBN 9781906851033
  • Typesetter for the University of Southampton, MA creative writing 2009 anthology, Losing the Plot, published through Torque Press, ISBN 9781906851033
  • Contributor to September, 2011 Glow Magazine health section, “Body, Mind, and Spirit”

Copywriter, Awakening Potentials Inc., 2007- 2010

  • Create content, newsletters, sale pages, and blogs for internet marketing.
  • Focus on concise presentation of ideas, with appropriate and professional language.
  • Continue learning through the observation and incorporation of others’ techniques.
  • Contributed to the following pages: Landing Page, Coaching PageWake Up

 Administrative/Support experience:

Library Assistant, University of Southampton, November 2009 – June 2011

  • Exchanged with the public daily; students and staff were first priority.
  • Multi-tasked between front desk obligations, digitizing, cataloguing and general library duties.
  • Maintained and referred to multiple databases; tracking work, recording archived material, and referencing outside databases such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).
  • Worked under strict time deadlines when digitizing course material for a new semester. This involved prioritizing requests from the teaching staff, addressing ‘last minute’ concerns, and providing updates on progress.
  • Provided excellent customer service. Visitors to the library were treated with respect and made to feel welcome. Complaints were addressed calmly, and needs thoroughly understood before acted upon.
  • Communicated professionally through writing, in-person exchanges, and on the phone with members of staff at all levels, students and public alike.

Learning Support Assistant, Ancillary Learning Service, University of Southampton, February 2007- June 2010

  • Supported differently-abled students in their personal and scholarly needs at the university, for example: note taking, peer support, giving physical assistance, etc.
  • Maintained confidentiality at all times.
  • Wrote clear and concise notes despite lack of familiarity with the varying taught courses.
  • Balanced personal relationships with a professional approach to support; responsibilities were adjusted according to the student’s specific needs.
  • Employed an ability to think quickly and remain flexible in my work environment.

Administration and International Collection, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, October 2007- August 2007

  • Worked as sole administrative assistant for the collections department of PWC, Southampton.
  • Received, recorded and distributed post.
  • Multi-tasked between general office duties (faxing, mail, etc.) and collection duties.
  • Exchanged with staff at all levels including partners, managers, agents, and assistants.
  • Maintained a positive and constructive relationship with PWCs agents around the world while collecting outstanding invoices from previous PWC collaborations.
  • Worked under daily deadlines and pressure, adjusting priorities as required.
  • Created an Excel database of administration & bankruptcy cases, making it possible to send huge amounts of written correspondence into storage.

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