Publications and Projects

smile againInvolvement is a good thing; doors open, connections form, and projects grow.

While writing, editing, and typesetting are deep passions, I also love ‘getting out there’ while working with the ideas of others and connecting beyond the computer screen.

Lately the projects and contributions and publications have been shooting out all over the place, filling all cracks of spare time. The wonderfulness that has results from this is as follows (and I do urge you to check these things out):


Happy pictureWrite Along Radio: My co-host, Kevin T Johns, and I host this podcast online that explores the art, love and business of writing. We talk all kinds of writing, but since we’re also both self-published authors – you can guess right in saying we’re chatting on the independent side of publishing. Check it out here!   

ReadLocalButtonRead Local is a very new, probably too-early-to-be-real project. I really want to shake off the stigma of ‘self-published’ and help readers simply embrace the talent that lives in their city. Read Local is my attempt to organize ideas and efforts to bring together readers and independent/small press authors. This is a work in progress. More on that later . . . but if you want to stay turned, check out the stand-in page with social links.

crowdfunding 2 planningVlogging over on YouTube with ShaSharables and my Catherine Writes channel. I plan on doing more vlogging just as soon as we start travelling again. However, in the meanwhile, I’ve got a hot little series cooking called Crowdfunding for Writers – go, watch, subscribe. 🙂 If you like what you see, do give it a like. Enjoy!

ten things test resultsGuest posting, freelancing, copywriting, blogging – I try my best folks! Latest writing pop-ins have included reviews over on Apartment 613, BlogHer Featured Posts, Vanier Now (of course),, Lives Affected by Cancer, Understory Magazine and others that I cannot at the moment remember. Yay!

Screenshot_2014-04-30-22-21-36Social story telling. This isn’t actually a project, it’s just where I hang out online when not at Bumpyboobs. You can find me over on Twitter @Bumpyboobs, Instagram as CatherineWrites,… and I have a tumblr page where I post screen shots from Star Trek . . . but I won’t be linking that for you here. 🙂

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