“It’s a SEO, pay-per-click dream come true.”

Can you grab attention within five seconds of a page view? Well, you may have the makings of a successful website copywriter.

I’ve done a little copywriting in my time, mostly for landing pages and my parent’s company, Awakening Potentials. It hasn’t been my focus as of late, but in terms of learning how to write what matters – this is trial by fire that sharpens the skills. Copywriting is a business, and your clients want conversion, which means they’ll have a direct measure of whether your writing is effective. But good copy really does sell. Think of Mad Men and the creative teams of the sixties – the slogans and dreams they weave; their words helped shape a culture! Awesome and powerful stuff.

For someone who wants to become a writer, this was a great introduction to the ‘business side’ of writing.

Here are a few pages to which I’ve contributed (some of which are still in the proces of building)

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