Glow Magazine

Glow: This gorgeous magazine is presented to you by Shoppers Drugmart, highlighting health, beauty and lifestyle throughout its many glossy pages. Hey, if it’s September 2011 and you happen to stop by a store, do drop in and buy a copy. Then flip to page 71, 72, and 73 – that’s me, and that’s my writing!

C’est awesome.

Here is what getting involved can do: first I join Facing Cancer Together as a blogger, who have Shoppers Drugmart as a major sponsor, and then I get offered this incredible opportunity to write for their magazine. Wohoo!

It was the highlight of my spring. and the icing on my September cake. This was a paid gig, so I’ve gotten a taste for monetary payment in exchange for beautifully ( ;) ) written words.

More, please!

It was a great experience writing for Glow – from Karen, the awesome editor, to the photo shoot, to the hard copy print, every stage was fantastic. And my, what a learning experience.

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