Long-distance Lunching

Today we celebrated my grandmother’s 19th birthday. That’s right – not 91, but 19. My aunt made lunch, my dad made cake, and everyone gathered in the backyard to enjoy the weather. The family passed around food and we chatted about upcoming weddings, jobs, friends, pickles . . . it was an easy-going Saturday afternoon.

We celebrated, despite my being 5,378 km away. And though I couldn’t smell the barbequed quail, and  didn’t run indoors when the bees came, and couldn’t help extinguish any candles – I did talk with my grandmother, and sing happy birthday, and enjoy the company of my whole family.

Being away from home becomes easier with video chat. It isn’t the same as really being there, but it’s the next best thing.  Long distance relationships (couples, families, friends) have had a hand up since the arrival of email, then icq, then msn, and now skype.  I cannot imagine living this far from my family without being able to still see, talk and relax with them.

Next we need virtual hugs. Maybe the creators of google can get on that. Until then Zsolt can step in with a squeeze and a kiss. (not that I snog my parents, but you know I mean . . . besides, who wouldn’t want a big kiss from Zsolt? Except maybe his parents . . .)

Joyeux anniversaire, Lulu! Il était bon de vous revoir.