Halloween pumpkin


Zsolt and I have decided to celebrate Halloween. I know that back home ‘deciding’ to celebrate Halloween is as inevitable as deciding to rake the lawn, but here in England it is 100% optional.

It’s been years since I’ve dressed up for a party, and since we’re not going to a party (too many potential germs!) – it may be several more. But there are other ways to get into the Halloween spirit. First and foremost: carve a pumpkin.

Today after work we dropped into the green grocer’s on Portswood and selected a pumpkin. My experience vetoed Zsolt’s desire for a tiny pumpkin because – frankly – it’s really hard to carve a face onto a tiny surface.  Now our pumpkin (about 1 foot tall, and somewhat narrow) is sitting by the door waiting for Sunday. Though by Canadian standards this is a small pumpkin. Back home we would go to the farm where there’d be a moutain of pumpkins – massive pumpkins, big as a man’s torso. We’d buy a few, because why not? But our English pumpkin is perfect for our English apartment.  Plus, it’s Zsolt’s first time; don’t want to overwhelm the man.

Tomorrow is blood. Friday is chemo. Saturday is rest. Sunday is pumpkin. It’ll be all the activity I can handle, made easier by Zsolt deseeding and carving while I sit by and nod, occasionally napping. After we carve the pumpkin (once it’s dark and spooky outside) we’ll watch a Halloween film. Trouble here is that I have zero tolerance for scary. So, as to what Halloween film we’ll watch I’m not sure. Maybe the Rocky Horror Picture show? Although it looks several kinds of crazy. Is there a Halloween film that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy (instead of jumpy and paranoid)?

Or we could watch Love Actually again, for the thousandth time. 🙂

Anyhow, it’ll be fun. Why not have a bit of fun?