A much needed sniff of rose.

I have literally stopped and smelt the roses. It feels good, really good. This evening the sun was shining, the air was warm and I was walking home after a nice day of work.

It’s hard to say the core ingredient of my mood flip from yesterday to today, but this recent dose of sunshine is truly hitting the spot. I also think writing a lengthy email about my worries to a very good friend in Canada has helped lighten my load.

Not many people know about my concerns. Alright, fine – there’s this blog. But I’m pretty sure its readership equals zero, excluding myself, so in terms of telling people it is a small number. In fact, I’ve only told three: my husband, and my two friends.

Before arriving at the consultation, they ask you to fill in some sheets of information about ailments, background and family history. Except I haven’t told my family anything. They’re busy people; I realise they should be told, but they’re busy people and having more stress would only make things worse. Though it’s hard to have a conversation and not say anything. Each time we talk I feel like a water balloon being squeezed tight, ready to burst.

Today is my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary. Wow. So much can happen in thirty-four years. Lives happen in thirty-four years. I’m proud of them, they’ve been through a lot and are strong together. But today is their day. So I’ll keep my water balloon pressure and not mention anything till Sunday, then they’ll only have to wait one day for the results; me too, actually.

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