Post script

I had originally written this as a P.S. to my next upcoming post, but it became quite long. So here it is, a post script pre post. If that makes sense. 🙂

PS. Thanks for everyone who has been reading this blog, sending me prayers, and helping me on this journey. Lu Lu, sorry I didn’t write yesterday – Je t’aime beaucoup, et j’espère que vous allez bien. (Sorry, my French is poor and I don’t know if my translator is any better) Es Joe és Melinda – Köszönöm az imáitokat. Alig várom, hogy láthassalak titeket. Remélem hogy ti is jól vagytok. Puszi! (Zsolt helped me with that).

PPS. The CT scan went fine. I had to drink a litre of orange flavoured punch, laced with contrast dye stuff. All the while various cancer patients with shaven heads were wheeled in and out of radiotherapy. I felt an ‘oh my dear, God’ moment in the pit of my stomach. It’ hard to imagine that I’ll get to that stage of treatment.

The scan was easy, though the nurse wouldn’t let Zsolt into the room until after I’d gotten the needle (hmmm). However, as I lay in the machine they injected me with dye and that was unsettling – I felt a rush of warmth spread throughout my body (imagine drinking tea, and having the warmth slide into your belly. Now imagine a bucket of tea being poured inside you, filling you up entirely). And then it got even warmer, and warmer, and warmer, and then phew it faded away. All the while I repeated a mantra of “this is normal, the nurse said this was normal”.

And that was the CT scan.

And that was my P.S.

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