Snuggie wars

Daniel and JP, my two thoughtful brothers, have bought me a Snuggie.

A ‘snuggie’ is a long fleece blanket with sleeves – totally ridiculous, but totally awesome. My snuggie is beige, and the sleeves are giant – they hang off my arms like Princess Leia in that white gown, and if I put a little effort in I can wrap the giant beige blanket around my body so it doesn’t trip me when I move.

Give me two hair buns and a lightsaber; I’ll start kicking some dark side ass.

Yeah Snuggie!

5 thoughts on “Snuggie wars

    • I have a bright blue snuggie and love it. I love the box it came in more though….lots of pictures of people wearing snuggies during various activities. There might even be a picture of an entire family wearing bright blue snuggies 🙂

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