Going short

I’m getting my hair cut today and going as short as I possibly dare. It feels like lately I’m taking deep breaths and diving into things non-stop. Maybe that explains my recent desire to go swimming all the time.  I’m  totally craving a beach with some cool ocean spray!  Anyhow . . . deep breath – time to get my hair wet. 😉

4 thoughts on “Going short

  1. Hey catherine, I don’t like the sound of those wig shop girls. But at least you got a wig – and I’m sure people who don’t know it’s a wig won’t even take a second look.

    If you’re into mineral water as well as swimming, you can swim for ‘free’ (the cost of a bottle of schwepps water with ‘schwim’ written on the lid) at the holiday inn swimming pool in town. It’s a nearly empty pool most of the time, and you get to use their towels too. Its not open to the public so its really quiet.

    Hope you had fun in the new forest and see you soon x

    • I had heard about that schwepps promotion, though I thought it was only for the Olympics. Thanks for letting me know, Laura. If this weather keeps up I might make a journey!

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