Itchy fingers

There are so many things I’d like to write about: last Sunday and the incredible trip I had with Zsolt, last night’s journey down PMS lane (where I morphed into the Incredible Hulk of hormone induced mood swings and nearly threw a broom out the window – it’s really a terrible broom), this morning’s trip to the mastectomy shop in the middle of an industrial zone where I tried on extra large A and B cup bras and couldn’t believe the drastic different in size compared to my normal bras – it’s just not right when a B cup bra can also fit the entire top of my head, yesterday’s drive through the New Forest with Carole followed by tea in her beautiful garden, my afternoon visit to Ulrike’s and her magical yard of relaxation and picnic tables, the surprise email from my aunt providing a very generous gift for my mom’s peace of mind, or even sipping tea at Trago Lounge with my mother and working out chemo issues – trying to get myself ready for next week’s new adventure . . .

There are so many things to write about. It’s exhausting to consider. And that paragraph must have been exhausting to read. Sooner than later I’ll steal some time to write a proper post.  Sooner. I really need to write again. Much sooner. I also really need to start drawing. My fingers are itching from the inactivity. The creative part of my mind is banging it’s head against the wall.

Time is such a precious thing. I’m craving it more than ever. Tonight or tomorrow. I NEED to start writing.

2 thoughts on “Itchy fingers

  1. It could fit your head?! That is definitely NOT right! Sounds like things are being productively but that you’re also just enjoying life.
    You’re right-you can carry off short hair! It looks great!
    Good luck in the planning and keep those fists ready!
    In Australia, they’ve recently been talking about Kylie Minogue and how she’s beaten breast cancer too-just another person to add to your list!

  2. Humm… I think the issue is in the bra labelling “EXTRA LARGE A & B” cup sizes. I wonder if there is a place that sells “extra small C” cup sizes. Wouldn’t that be a change for us small breasted women. “Yup, I wear a C cup now”.

    It’s good to hear that your creativity is bursting at the seams… that strong desire to write and draw… you’re very good at both!

    P.S. Your hair cut is very cute and definitely suits you.

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