Low platelet count

Here is a disappointment. This week’s blood results are back and my platelet count is low. Platelets, (according to my google search and merek.com) help with blood clotting – so now I need to be very careful of getting cuts, bruises, etc.

Why else does this suck? Because it means postponement of chemotherapy, which also means my Christmas plans have now been spoiled. So, I’m sighing to my computer screen because I really did want to go home.

I will go home. Sooner or later, I will go home – and one these years, this one or the next, or the next, my family and I will celebrate Christmas together. Maybe something can be worked out . . . maybe I’ll just have to buy a proper ticket  . . . maybe it would be less pressure to forget travelling to Canada and just celebrate with Zsolt.

I’ll tell you what though, if I do have to stay in England, we are going to buy a proper tree. Not that I don’t love my Woolworth £2 mini wire tree, but a proper tree would be nice – wrapped with lights and meaningful Christmas ornaments. Zsolt and I collect Christmas ornaments from wherever we travel. We have a woolly sheep from Iceland, a flamingo from Niagara on the Lake, eggs from Hungary, bears from Canada, and glass pickles from Brussels. There may be more, but right now I can’t remember and the Christmas stuff is tucked away. Hmm, however . . . the apartment is quite tiny. Okay, if we do have to stay in England, then I am going to buy a proper wreath (and maybe forget the tree), and we’ll make a mountain of cookies, and Bing Crosby will croon White Christmas in the background 24/7 as we roast chestnuts on our open stove top. I really do love all that.

Anyhow, on the positive side my arm has been aching and a break from injections is very welcomed. Plus, for a change, I get to feel healthy a bit longer. Two weekends in a row where I don’t want to hibernate – that’s not bad.

I’ll take this as a holiday, and hope the rest works out. It’s a disappointment – but, well, these things happen. Cry a little and get on with not being sick. I won’t be sick for another week. At least I have that.

PS. I am thinking of having a picc line installed into my left arm. That is a line they feed into the vein and it goes right along to your artery. They do this to stop the complications of missed veins and pain in the arm. It would mean having a plastic tube sticking out of me, but also I think the stress may be less. My arm has been rather sore lately – it’s making me dread treatment. A lady my mother knows had this line put in and says she would never go back to ‘in the vein’ injections. Something to think about . . .

6 thoughts on “Low platelet count

  1. Glass pickles, those must be sooo cool. I collect Christmas ornaments from every where I travel as well. I just had my 1 st week-end trip with my new boyfriend and we bought a little ornament to reminisce of our 1st trip together when Christmas comes. I have sooo many that my boys made when they were little and I will ALWAYS put those up no matter what…

    My nephew had a pic line put in and it sure made giving him medicine and even taking blood a lot easier. His came out just under his collar bone, it wasn’t in his arm. He eventually even got another line (can’t remember the name) put into his tummy to his stomach so he could get fed directly and not have to swallow. it sure is womthing to consider, especially if you don’t like needles.

    I enjoyed your post on how to comfort/help people that need it. Very informative and could be applied to any sickness. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great “mini holiday” from your treatments.

    Take care Catherine.

    France 🙂

  2. Too bad Catherine, but take another week of rest, have fun with Zsolt. Did they give you something for this problem?

    We ar with you,

    Andrée et Roland,

    • Hi, no they didn’t give me anything. We just need to wait – but if any bleeding or brusing occurs I need to get in touch asap with the hospital. Otherwise I am fine, there hasn’t been a problem (except for the delay).

  3. I’m sorry you won’t get to go home at Christmas-that sucks. As someone who hasn’t been with my family for Christmas for 4 years, I understand how nice that would have been. I made sure I had a proper tree the first year and it did help getting to decorate it with ornaments from home. Maybe ask your mum to send over an ornament from home.
    However, you’re right-one more week of feeling good and rest for that aching arm. I have seen patients with picc lines before-maybe that is something to think about, especially if you’ve heard good things about it. Can they give you a platelet transfusion or is that only for people who are really sick? I know when I give blood, I always give platelets and I’m told it goes to help people with cancer.
    Glad to see you’re back at work a few times-that must feel so great to be back in an environment that you love so much and have a break from everything.
    Keep eating your little snacks and enjoy your break time!

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I think I am the lady your mom referred to about the PICC line. I am a long time kanata collegue of your parents in my 2nd year battling ovarian cancer. I have been seeing your dad regularly for a few months for his intuitive healing expertise and he has helped me immensely. I have been keeping in touch with your progress thro him and have been meaning to write you, You are a gifted writer and your blog is wonderful.
    Having been through the nightmare of surgery, chemotherapy(6mons 2009, 6mons 2010) and the emotional and physical insults that begins the journey and continues, i can certainly be a resource of support and knowledge. It sounds like you have a great attitude and tremendous support from your family and friends – that is essential.
    I can completely relate to the arm pain of chemo. the Picc line was a relief. it is kept covered and the dressing is changed weekly. no pain anymore from needles and chemo. i have a subcutaneous PORT this time_even better cause it is surgically inserted under the skin and you can bath/swim, no line sticks out of it.
    thats’ it for now. thinking of you…i have a friend who always ends his emails with the following quote from Lance Armstrong:
    Keep fighting the fighting, Winners never quit.

    • Thanks for writing Andrea. It was your conversation with my mom that encouraged me to learn more about the picc line. In fact, the doctor had recommended a picc line to me just that day, and initially I was put off – but after hearing your story it changed my mind. I still may need another treatment via my veins, but hopefully after that things will be easier.

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