Bonjour Lulu!

So I’ve been posting a lot lately – it’s a response to Lulu, who asked about my posting, or lack of posting. Well here you go Lulu! Freshly pressed, as they say here.

Sunday afternoon, between my waves of sleep and hot flashes, Zsolt and I put up the Christmas tree. And please, don’t check your calendar – yes, it’s still November. But if I do end up leaving for Canada (if, when, etc) our Samson/Brunelle family needs to have covered a certain amount of festive celebration.

The stockings are hung, the tiny tree is standing and covered with ornaments, tinsly stuff is around the doorway, and we have Christmas music playing. I love it.

After decorating the tree we snuggled down and watched The Santa Clause, which Zsolt said was the stupidest movie ever (fart jokes are never a good sign) – but still sat through because I got a kick out of it. Funny how the cheesiest films can hold a place in our heart so long as they’re connected to a memory. I remember watching The Santa Clause in my basement with Mom and Dad as the wood fire burned. Mind you, I fell asleep toward the end and Zsolt had to carry on watching (I fell asleep on Zsolt, so he was stuck there). Poor fellow : )

Today we are still in the Christmas cheer, but life hasn’t stopped. Yesterday Zsolt discovered MOULD along the skirting in the bedroom, and behind the washing machine (and around the blasted windows, though we already knew about that). No wonder my eyes itch. AHHH. No wonder. The idea was that he’d clean it all away yesterday while I went in to work (which I paid for later in the form of Zombieism) and I could avoid the mould madness. Unfortunately the spray ran out after about two shots. So! Today we try again.

I dream of a flat with no allergies, and sunshine, and heating, and a nice view. It’d take all the good elements of our past three apartments and wrap them into one perfect package. The Dream Flat – which is actually a house, since I’m dreaming. A house with a yard and big trees nearby (but not so close as to threaten the structure).

Well, if we can just get rid of the mould our current home will be quite good. Zsolt needs to start spraying.

And that, Lulu, is all that is happening over here. Not much else to say. Zsolt and I are doing well; he’s working on his thesis and I am getting rest. Only six treatments left till chemotherapy is over, and if this Ottawa Hospital thing works out, only four more treatments till I go home.

Things are coming along. : ) See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Bonjour Lulu!

  1. I’m with you Catherine. I’ve been playing Christmas music for the last week. Haven’t quite put my Christmas tree up yet as I want a real one and it’s a bit too early for that, plus the fact that they haven’t started selling them yet.

    But the 1st week-end in December, it’s going up 🙂 Can’t wait 🙂

    This’ the season to be jolly.

    Take care and do enjoy Christmas for the next weeks. It only comes once a year but the memories last a lifetime. Plus I sing “This’ the season to be jolly” all year round anyway as every season is to be jolly. 🙂


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