My father came home today with a few sniffles and somehow it escalated into voluntary exile. He’s been in his room all day – alone – with the door closed. Once in a while I’ll call out “hello” from the hallway, to which he replies, “hi!”

He doesn’t want to get me ill. Now there’s love, eh? Mind you, I don’t think he’s actually sick . . . since when is a sniffle sick? He’s just being overly-highly-excessively cautious. Actually, it’s pretty sweet.

See you soon, Dad. Love you too.

2 thoughts on “Quarantined

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Yup, he is sweet.

    I remember in one of your earlier blogs how your sniffles turned to pneumonia. It scared me.

    I think it makes your dad feel better to know he’s doing everything he can so you don’t get sick.

    Hum… I ordered his last two available bottles of GoldenSeal tincture to pick up later this week. GoldenSeal tincture is my gold standard for preventing sore throats, colds and mouth infections. Let him know that if he wants to set aside a bottle for you, I’ll gladly only pick up one bottle this week. I can always pick up more after the Christmas holidays. It may taste terrible (yup, I always make a face when I take it), but I know it prevents me from getting sick.

    Take care,


    • Hey Francoise, I’m sure we have goldensea at the house – so please no worries 🙂 Also, Dad’s recovered and I have no signs of illness. All is clear in the Brunelle Family household. Thanks for your concern.

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