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Phase two for my bumpyboobs  (Bet you didn’t know there was a phase one. Well there wasn’t I just like the term ‘phase two’, as though I’m really organized and have my life planned)  . . . Where was I? Right. Phase two for bumpyboobs:  Twitter.

Sometimes I can’t be asked to write an entire post, but shooting off a short comment is less intense.  So here we go, off to twitter land. My handle is bumpyboobs – do follow me if you are on twitter. I’ll follow you too. We can follow each other.  It’ll be a congo line gone circular.

Yay for brief statements about the weather, news, food, books, writing , random apartment occurrences, immigration and whatever else is on my mind! Plus notification of bumpyboobs postings (the best part).

Ok – now I need to go and work. By work, I mean read. And by read, I mean cruise the internet.  I’m trying to write a story set in the late 1920s and need some inspiration.


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