Radiotherapy 33% done

One week down, two more to go – that is 33% of the treatment completed. By now there is a light redness to the area and you can literally see the line along which they shoot me. But one foot in front of the other, in three weeks time who knows how it’ll look (maybe I’ll draw a picture once we get there).

Apart from the itching everything is okay. It’s funny because a lady was kind enough to suggest I get loads of rest, which was the only thing that helped her. This upcoming week we’ll have a moving evaluation, there is a talk at the uni, I work each day, then writing group and eventually we’ll have to do the groceries. It’s not overwhelming, but I wouldn’t call it restful.

Tomorrow I’ll visit my GP in the afternoon. She needs to refill my prescription, and I’d very much like if she could give my left boob a feel. There are some bumps in there that worry me, and if I could get sent for an ultrasound it would be very good. Frankly, it’s embarrassing to be so worried – so obviously paranoid – but maybe a scan would help ease my mind. Until an ultrasound says, “nope, not cancer” I cannot help worrying that something is lurking.

Tomorrow is another week, and another chunk of radiation. I’m sitting pretty at 33%, and looking forward to knocking off another third. One step at a time. Sooner than later treatment will be over.

One thought on “Radiotherapy 33% done

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Sounds like you’re making good progress with the treatment.

    I asked my mom whether she had little tatoo dots… she said no… instead, they had marked her up with a red crayon which she wasn’t supposed to get wet, and every third day, they would re-draw the marks. She said she liked the idea of getting tatoo dots instead… would have made showering easier for her.

    Go ahead and ask your GP for the palpation and ultrasound which would relieve your anxiety. I don’t see it as being paranoid; I see it as being proactive, taking charge of your physical and mental health. Healthcare practitioners can’t read our minds… except for Tony (well, he has a special talent for that which is pretty cool!) 😉

    Sending energy and love your way.

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