Awesome visa to Canada

Good Saturday to you. Outside my apartment the bed sheets are drying – or were drying, because it’s broken out with rain and the day is (otherwise) going well. On the kitchen table are several piles of books, the beginning of our moving purge, and on Zsolt’s desk beside his papers and text books and calculator and pen is . . . HIS TOTALLY AWESOME VISA INTO CANADA!

WOOOHOOO! It arrived in the mail today, and it’s GIANT. This larger than A4 visa and has his name, country of birth, photo, visa class, and says something along the lines of, ‘don’t write on this paper until you are with immigration inside Canada.’

She is a tease, this immigration system. While we’ve jumped the hoops and filled the paperwork, there is still a stipulation stating that this visa is not a guarantee they’ll let Zsolt into Canada. Bah. I’m not worried because clearly Zsolt is perfect for Canada, and has a truly valid case. Confidence in your situation is a really good thing – it gives a determination that even if things take time or are questioned, they will work out. I know Zsolt will get into Canada a-okay. That is that.

And apart from this I’m taking today for a little housekeeping – yes, the rain sheets count, sorting,  chillaxing (relaxing), and of course, blogging.

In celebration of this writing, and because I was told that it’s the thing to do, I’ve made a website/online CV. It’s , feel free to check her out if you have the time.

So – as previously said: Good Saturday to you. (If I ever create a business it’s going to have a four day work week: Four days on. Three days off. Screw precedent.) Hope you enjoy this wonderful weekend!

PS – Oneeeeee Treatment LEFTTTTT Ohhhohohohdfohsfoasdhsdljf! [Too excited to write properly] OOhkjsdf Yeahhlkjad YWwOoohoooo! YES! YESSSSIIRRRREEBOOBBBIES!

PPS- Seems the rain has now turned into hail. Hmmm. Maybe I should have grabbed the sheets earlier. . .  oh well!

2 thoughts on “Awesome visa to Canada

  1. I was on holidays when you posted this so I am passing on delayed congrats! CONGRATS Zsolt and welcome to Canada (even though I’m not there). That seems like it was quick but it’s great!

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