Sunday night rambles

This weekend was great – excellent – wonderful – tiring! Yesterday morning (and early afternoon) was all about cleaning. We tidied, then scrubbed, then dusted, then vacuumed, then basked the in glory of an attractive apartment. One highlight was the ‘opening of the windows’, which means stripping away the sealant we applied last October (our windows are terrible. They’re double glazed, but not installed properly so the cold wind just pushes through).

Life has been full of small, enjoyable activities like reading events, cleaning,  hanging with Zsolt,  meeting with friends, an laughing till I cried. It’s been lovely.  Driving home today from our downtown excursion (I set off with ‘new jeans’ as  goal, but didn’t find anything great. Zsolt, however, landed some nice trousers.) we passed the hospital where I had my MRI. It was strange, all in a flash it felt as though we were going there again. I felt what it was like to walk through the entrance, to put on the gown, and wait for the scan. In the snap of a finger, I remembered.

Maybe that’s how it’ll be. Life will pass quickly as ever, with post-traumatic memory snaps.

Things to do this week:

1) Write. (as always!)

2) Measure my mattress to send away for a shipping quote.

3) Look up discount flights. Zsolt and I are thinking of going on a mini-break during the first or second week of August.

4) Go through closet and get rid of an optimistic 50% of clothing.

This past weekend has been a lovely holiday from life. But Monday’s coming (Monday’s here?) and therefore it’s back to work. And that’s is all I have to say. Just a quick Sunday night update for Lulu, who is probably checking and thinking, ‘it’s been a few days since Catherine has written.’

Not anymore! Bonne journée!


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