Busy weekend ahead

This upcoming weekend is big in several ways for several people. Mostly – for a few hundred thousand (etc) or so, it’s about the march in London. Now I have to be honest and admit that I 100% chickened out on this march due to a list of excuses that I won’t go into. However, even though I am not attending, it’s still worth mentioning. So in defence of the public sector – check out this link to learn more. March for the Alternative and take a (virtual) step for the alternative.  I hope the day will be as HUGE as they anticipate.

Right. So like said, I chickened out on the march, and therefore was left feeling restless. Not only that, but two nights ago I woke up (hot flash!) and could not get back to sleep. This is what happens when I get off my track. For a while things were ticking along well with the healthy eating, vitamins, exercising and writing – but then things got a little sideways and I’ve slipped up on my gluten-free diet (though in my defence, when eating pad thai you’d expect the noodles to be rice), scaled back on the supplements and totally lost track of my writing. Good intentions are one thing, but total lack of initiative has poisoned my well.

However, no complaining. These mood funks are impacting, and my melancholy runs deeply while it lasts . . . but only while it lasts.  TIP: Don’t write while moody. Nothing good comes from it. Writing while angry is A-Okay so long as it’s edited with a cool head, but moody – moody sucks. It turns good ideas into long winded complaints.  With blogging it’s almost too easy to wha-wha-wha all over the internet, and sometimes I post unwisely (see my blog history and pick out my moods – they’re totally obvious), so this is a habit I’m trying to break.

Therefore, yesterday I was moody. Today I am not. Instead of sulking I’ve taken action and signed myself up for that intensive weekend writing workshop mentioned last week (or the week before?). My final conclusion on the course was that no matter what goes on this weekend, it will force me to examine my story, focus, and will hopelly set my head back onto track. While taking the MA in creative writing, I wrote tons of material. Since then I think my writing has improved (through a bit of trail and error), but the quantity has diminished. Therefore this evening after work I’ll start this Writer’s Pitshop Weekend. Fingers crossed it’s a great experience.

Oh my goodness, (Quick aside) I didn’t mention earlier, but ought to send a shout out to the spring time. Spring is here. It is now. Birds are singing, the sun is waving and our curtains are blowing with a warming breeze. Nice stuff. Soon it’ll be summer dresses and sunglasses. I love this time of year.

Anyhow, back on track: this weekend. Here is a final big thing happening this weekend in England. THE CENSUS. This is mandatory, apparently. Every household needs to fill out the questions, and I happen to have the light purple census booklet beside me at this moment. Let’s take a look inside:

Who usually lives here? Me, my man, and our Yucca. Not to forget the hundreds of lady bugs who push away the bits of sponge I’ve jammed into the cracks in hopes of blocking them – next step in ladybug removal involves duct tape.

Do you stay at another address for more than 30 days a year? I wish. If given the choice of ‘second homes’ it’d have to be a holiday house on Lake Balaton and we would fly there often, reside in the summer, and live in a time capsule of paddle boats, ferry rides, and goulash over the fire.

How is your health in general? …. hmmmm….. Great? They  have a range from ‘very good’ to ‘very bad’, but I guess I’ll be choosing ‘very good’ because unless sometime tells me otherwise, I’m cancer-free baby.

How do you usually travel to work? Walking! We’re so very green in this household. But honestly, walking is awesome. I used to take the bus to PWC everyday (30 minutes) and so never walked . . . my hips really began to expand and it wasn’t until I switched to a closer work location that they shrank back down to size. Interesting, no? Green and healthy. Plus, walking has been shown to reduce the chances of breast cancer reoccurrence (actually, exercise in general does the trick, apparently).

OK, one last question…

What’s your country of birth? CANADA!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Having been a foreigner for the past five years, my sense of identity has become increasingly more Canadian (mind you, I do love England, but the moment I start talking it obvious I’m not from here – so there’s no escaping the difference).

Right. Time to go to work. Have a lovely weekend, hopefully it’s as eventful for you as it is for a huge slice of the British population (and me, with my writing). Cheerio!

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend ahead

  1. Spring in Ottawa..
    -Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim started weeks ago..my husband still complaining he hasn’t won the Matrix car yet.
    -Monday 21 big dump of snow to start the day..then melted mostly…saw first robin in a gust of large snow flakes.
    -Tuesday saw first ground hog by Nicholas off ramp as I headed into the Byward Market so a massage..followed by a “medicinal” date square from the Bridgehead Coffee shop…pick up kids at school most carrying their snow pants under arm instead of wearing them..saw 2nd robin.
    -Wednesday got invited to go to sugar bush by friend who does Maple syrup…cold nights warm days Equals running sap..saw robin 3 in our front tree much to the excitement of our cat!!!
    -Thursday a friend of ours starts driving next car up from Florida (professional driver)
    -Friday pulled out the pile of kids clothes to see what of the Spring stash will fit or go to am family in our circle of clothes swappers

    Pretty soon time to take the trip to Rchmond Nursery to visit the tiny little plants bound for the garden after May long weekend once won’t get hit by frost..love the smell of the moist rich dark earth in the green houses..before we know it asparagus…YUM

    Blessing to you this day.

    Love -Sandie

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