Budapest: a great night out

Before myMonday post, I’d just like to say that Friday night was fantastic. FANTASTIC. We began at this hole-in-the-wall Slovakian restaurant behind the Hungarian Parliament and ate some truly delicious food. It was jammed packed with flavour. Cami ordered something off of the menu that no one recognized, which translated to her plate – it was like a pork pancake, combining potatoes, meat, cheese, sour cream and gravy.

After the food we stuck around the restaurant and had some drinks (couldn’t get a tea, settled for a milky coffee instead) and some friends came by to meet up.

I love meeting up with Zsolt’s friends in Hungary. These are people who I’ve known as long as I’ve known Zsolt – actually, I met them before I met Zsolt (exclusively) and there hasn’t been an instance where we haven’t had fun together.  Therefore, we were a happy table of laughter and good times. It’s been too long since I’ve seen them, because last summer all plans of a Hungarian visit were cancelled (duh) and last Christmas I was lucky enough to fly home to Canada.

Turns out that one of them – you know who you are – reads my blog frequently and uses it to improve her English. Wonderful, eh? I’d like to say a big “Hello, Szia!” if she’s reading this today.  Maybe that’s a good idea for me as well. Can anyone recommend some easy Hungarian blog to follow? There must be a million to choose from. It might be a good learning experience for me as well.

And after the restaurant we headed out in search of a nightclub. Honestly, this was my favourite part of the evening. Trolling around Budapest, passing the hen parties in the Octagon, stopping at every fast-food joint available (complete with bouncers at the door, things must get crazy in Budapest if even McDonalds needs a boncer), and just having a laugh. It was great.

Eventually we ended up at this club called Instant, which was really cool and I’d definitely recommend it, but their main disco was closed for the evening, so we ditched Instant (because Friday was set with a mission to DANCE/TÁNCOL) and caught a tram across town.

(By this point I was nearing a state of sleep-walker, but we hadn’t even started dancing yet, so there was no way I was going to call it a night).

Eventually we settled at this outdoor disco on (I think) Margaret Island. It was huge, the night was warm, the music was loud.  Tick off my box to ‘go dancing’ because finally, finally, finally I had my chance for fun. Geez, eh. Things have come a long way, and I’m so thankful my body has recovered so well.

It was a fantastic night. Fantastic. So to preface tomorrow’s post (authors are allowed to do this, we can preface anything with an explanation if we want, because it’s our story to tell), Friday night was wonderful – everything I’d hoped for and more.

Have a lovely Sunday.

OH MY GOODNESS. It’s father’s day.

Ok, PS. Today is father’s day, and I’ve yet to call my Dad. However, it was in my plans, and I will do it right now. Dad, you are awesome, as you know, and I’m lucky to be your daughter (and I don’t even mind that people constantly say I look so much like you, even though you’re totally a man.) Have a wonderful day, and I hope a garr bites your line – that’d probably be the very best father’s day gift you could receive. Fingers crossed. 😉

2 thoughts on “Budapest: a great night out

  1. Yes, it was a great night out!:) You were right,I have just finished your last notes,I have learned some new words again :)Szia and see you on friday!

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