Introducing Narrative Nipple

Good morning!

I ought to be writing a post about re-focusing, re-centring, and re-re-relaxing . . . because that’s what this week has been about. Slowing down (to the point of 8.30pm bedtimes, but I think I was drunk on too much corn that night).  But alternatively, this week has also be about readdressing my goals . . . and because, much like my Dad, I can’t contain myself when I get excited over something – here is a project I’ve been tinkering with:

She’s called “Narrative Nipple” and she’s an online literary e-zine that associates itself with the ups, downs, lights, darks (and colours) of breast cancer. Basically, it’s a mini stage online for people who have been touched by BC, and have sought refuge through creativity.  At the moment I’m trying to collect material for its launch issue. Which is why I could use your help.

Have anything to share? Know anyone who might? Please, please (please?) pass on the website and encourage people to submit.  I’m not amazing at online marketing, but am about to give it my best – so hopefully by the end of this summer there will be a shiny new website chalk full of dynamic ideas and right-to-the-core honest expressions, stories, pictures, etc.

I think, if done right, this will be a very good thing. We’ll see.

In any case, do check out the website and give it a browse. It’s rather K-I-S-S*, but who cares! It’s a great start.



*Keep it simple, stupid

2 thoughts on “Introducing Narrative Nipple

  1. Yay for Narrative Nipple! I bet she’ll be very popular. Love the NN logo… at first glance, it looks like a crown you would find on paperback books I used to read. Makes me think of literary success and precious stories of our trials, tribulations and successes when dealing with cancer.

    Narrative Nipple is a wonderful idea Catherine!

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