It’s totally my birthday!

Happy birthday to me! Yes, it is my birthday and I could hardly fall asleep last night because I was so excited. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? But there you have it: twenty-nine and still excited about birthdays. Beside, every marking occasion that takes me forward in life is a good thing. Further I get, the better the news.

This morning Anna and Laszlo sang me happy birthday while carrying a large plate filled with raspberries and two candles (in shape of a two and a nine), they sang in English, they sang in Hungarian, and I cheered in the universal language of two hands slapping together.

Last night was so excellent (quick jump to the topic of language learning). Anna and Laszlo were saying how they never study English since it’s so easy to get distracted (tell me about it, I’m meant to be studying my French lesson right this moment, and yet, here I am typing up a post instead), so then I said, ‘no problem, I’ll just speak English from now on’, though I said it in Hungarian.

Which of course isn’t true – I won’t stop speaking Hungarian, everyday my skills are improving, and it’s nice to be understood, but last night I did feed them some slowly spoken English sentences

“Tomorrow is my birthday”

“Tomorrow morning I will wake up early”

“I will go to the city and eat ice cream”

“You have a nice house.” – to which they immeditatly protested, saying it’s way too small, and the conversation spun off in another direction, until I reeled them back in with:

“What will you do tomorrow?” and they both answered, one at a time, listing what they’ll do tomorrow (now today). Shopping. Cooking. Accountant. Eat ice cream. More cooking. Sleep.

Anyhow- it was wonderful to have that exchange. They have way more English than I realized and, even though it took time, understanding was there.

So that was one thing, on top of my birthday, that had me all keyed up last night as I flipped and flopped in bed. The third thing (it’s no wonder I didn’t sleep immediately) was this crazy dance urge I’ve been enjoying lately. It all started when Zsolt was like, “come on, stay up and watch music videos.” And I was like, “Ah, but I’m so tired. Ahhh, fine.”

It was a countdown, and mostly (honestly) totally crap music – except for this song. This song has been running through my head, picking up my feet, and I can’t stop wanting to dance. Therefore, I’ve been playing excessive amounts of Just Dance and loving every second. When approached with a ‘workout’ mentality, it’s really effective.

And so, as a birthday gift to you, I leave this music video. May it pick up your feet too.

Take care and have a great day!

7 thoughts on “It’s totally my birthday!

  1. Bonne fete! You are NEVER too old to be excited for a birthday!!! I’m already excited for my next birthday since mine has passed for this year but that’s mainly because I’m easing the pain of turning 30 with a trip to Europe. I hope you have a GREAT birthday and enjoy that ice cream!!

  2. Happy Birthday Catherine! I hope it’s everything you dreamed it will be! Plus…enjoy 29 as next year’s birthday may not be so fun (the big 3-0!!!).

  3. Happy birthday to you! I hope it was a great day. It sounds so ‘sappy’ but birthdays are even better post cancer. I will no longer give two hoots about getting ‘old’! Bring it on!

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