Getting high off social media (& tea)

So I’m totally going to write a real post one of these days soon (considering Zsolt is about to graduate, that’s certainly something to write about), but just wanted to go on a little about how much FUN I’m having with RSS feeds.

Why I’ve always ignored that little ‘RSS’ icon posted across the land of blogs is a mystery. Really, the power of observation should have tipped me off that something good is happening (somewhat like linkedin, which I will, eventually, join . . . though with twitter, facebook, two (sometimes three) blogs, and google+,  another account to check feels slightly annoying. Maybe I’ll create it, then ignore it. . . . though I’ve heard linkedin has different connotations than facebook (family) or twitter (BC community) – it’s about professional engagement, or something.)

Anyhow : to do, look into linkedin.

But I diverge!

RSS feeds are an actual pleasure in the world of social media obligations. This is because it does a giant group hug presentation of all the blogs I’m reading. So each morning, I open my lovely reader, and before me is a list of every new post. No more having to remember each URL, no more subscribing to email notifications . . . everything is here, everything is easy.

I. Like. Easy.

Lately there’s so much talk about social media – and you know, I enjoy the conversation. Clearly (and saying this shows how ‘behind the times’ I currently am) social media is the next step in marketing and advertising, which has always held a fancy for me. Ever since that single Mass Communications class in university, first year, I’ve found the area fascinating. There’s so much PSYCHOLOGY behind communication, and now social media (live-feed communication) is on our phones, in our laptops, on the news . . . even in the freaking newspaper with ‘local tweets’ ‘celebrity tweets’ ‘prominent tweets’ etc (there should be a section called, ‘Catherine’s tweets’ – ha! I’d talk about which ice cream I’d sampled that day. Hazelnut topped with chocolate and cream.)

Gosh, if I had a single inclination to go back in time and re-do university (which I don’t) I’d totally study communications. It’s fascinating.

Anyhow, so here I am this morning with my cup of green tea, scanning the daily blogs. [Coincidently, bumyboobs can easily be added to such readers since it’s WordPress. Yes, I just plugged myself.] Maybe it’s the tea that’s got me so excited. The morning caffeine punch has just kicked in.

In any case, I’m off to do a little reading.

One thought on “Getting high off social media (& tea)

  1. Hi Catherine,

    You don’t have to go back to university to study communications. In fact, you ARE doing communications through your blogs, tweets, Facebook, RSS etc. I find it’s easier to learn by subscribing to blogs related to communications and just doing it. The latest trends aren’t taught in university. They are taught/shared by consultants.

    What you and Tony are doing are tops in communications. Even though I’m a communications expert, what Tony does is way ahead what I do. Learn from your dad; he likes to experiment and has found good resources for his communications. I consider him a communications expert. 🙂

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