Dan, Dan, the Adventure Man

Tomorrow Dan (my little brother) strikes out into the wilderness to become a man. Six days, three guys, one tent and a long winding mountain trail. Good luck little buddy, don’t go crazy and keep yourself safe.


Of course.

HAVE FUNNNN!!! (like a lot of fun, like twenty-years-from-now-and-he-is-still-talking-about-it fun)

Hello anyone reading this blog post. Please lend a moment of your time to my little bro, and join me in sending good vibes for his trip. *no bears, no cats, and nothing with teeth.*

Thanks 😉

2 thoughts on “Dan, Dan, the Adventure Man

  1. I’m smiling when you describe Dan as your “little” brother. When I saw him about 3 weeks ago, I was surprised at how tall he has grown… I’m guessing 6′ 2”, and he sounds so much like your dad when answers the phone. I still have the memory of him as a 15 year old, volunteering at the Success Workshop. A week in the mountains sounds like lots of fun. Can’t wait to see him when he’s back and hear his stories about his trek in the mountains. Yup, he’s growing up fast!

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