Locked out in the sun

Zsolt and I were ‘locked out of the house’ today. And yes, the quotation marks are on purpose. We had taken the bikes to the local shop for a break fix, and upon returning found the front door locked. Great (not). Next we opened the garage and checked the door . . . nada. Then Zsolt hopped the fence into the backyard to try the back door. Locked.

And so, for about an hour and a half, we were locked away from our basement den and glowing computer screens. Instead we threw the football, hit the birdie (with badminton rackets), played a game of HORSE with the basketball and net . . . when thirsty, we drank from the hose (and someone sprayed me in the face with a little trick of water pressure. Someone being ZSOLT), and when hungry we pulled up rhubarb.

It was – amongst our annoyance and grumbles about needing to get work done – fun. It was really fun. Like being kids on a sunny day with little to do but play.

Beautiful afternoon when I stop and think about it.

And as I began to realize that my parents wouldn’t be coming home for at least another two hours, and I might actually need to bike over to their office – I took one last-ditch attempt and again tried the garage door.

OPEN! Not locked. Never locked.

Zsolt says I was the one who originally tested the door. I say he’s the culprit of misinformation.

Either way, we’re idiots. But we’re idiots who had a lovely, sunny, fun-filled afternoon. So I guess that’s okay. 😉

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