Greasing up for breast cancer

Well it’s ten p.m and I should be going to bed and not blogging, but Zsolt and Daniel are behind me watching “Maximum Overdrive” so what the heck.

Guess where I was tonight? The Mayfair. They were hosting a fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically raising money for breast cancer. Katie from The Bald and the Beautiful brought me into the know of tonight’s event, and I have to say it was a fun evening.

Firstly – I met Katie. She’s way too young to have gotten breast cancer, but nevertheless counters the crap  with ample amounts of determination and involvement, helping spread awareness to other young people about the dangers of BC. We both write blogs for, and this afternoon was our first ‘in person’ meeting.

So there we were in Starbucks drinking our green tea, having our first ever chat, and I swear, it must have been a conversation to catch the ears. Literally thirty cementers from us was this long haired woman trying to focus on her papers, but yeah right. I don’t mean to be self-absorbed, but we had a good conversation rolling, and it was all about breast cancer – how does that not attract attention?  (It’s like eavesdropping on a couple who are having their first date. I don’t want to listen in, but I can’t help it; they are so fascinating. So very hilarious and fascinating.)

Maximum Overdrive Update: Okay. Emilio Estevez is now feeding gas to the angry eighteen wheelers, who moments ago just shot dead the waitress when she ran out of the restaurant and screamed, “we made you. We made you!”  ACDC is now ringing out with ‘Hells Bells’. Rock and roll.

Anyhow, so after our Starbucks meet and greet, we headed over to the Mayfair to enjoy the pre-show fun. That included buying popcorn with really terrible butter, and getting a quick manicure and face treatment. Lovely. They woman who was doing the spa session had me put a mud mask on my lips. But I have to say, it worked really well. These pink puckers are smooth.

And that’s when the real fun began.

Grease Lightening, baby.

Wow! That movie is all camp and cheese. It’s been so, so long since I’ve watched it in full, I didn’t remember how charmingly cheesy this film gets – and Danny Zuko was brilliant – he was so incredibly cheesy, it was an absolute hoot. The women behind us were singing, hooting, clapping, and shouting.

But wowzers, it’s totally crass too. Funny crass – but some of the lyrics! Some of the lines! Beneath all that grease and hair spray and push up bras and ice cream colouring is a truly racy movie. Oh, the language. It was hilarious.

And then Danny and Sandy flew up into the sky in their pimped up hot rod, and the credits rolled.

Overall I think it was a good night. Great to meet a fellow blogger, and really fun to go to this film. The showing was a bit sparse – certainly someone needs to be paid to do some marketing for that group. But otherwise, really fun.

Anyhow – Estevez is now formulating a plan to escape the angry trucks and machines. I think this Stephen King movie (also incredibly cheesy) is nearly over.  Oops, there goes a tracker driving over a few cars.  Oh crap, and here’s a killer ice cream truck. Well anyhow, the film is climaxing, so it’s time to stop writing.

Have a great night, and a lovely tomorrow.


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