Full circle to the MRI

Back from the MRI.

It was basically exactly like the previous MRI, except that instead of fainting and barfing I just burst into tears instead. Blah! Honestly this time the scan was no problem. But as the technician had me change and was asking questions about my kidneys – I asked him if Zsolt could join me for the IV insertion, and he said no, and I was like, well, it’s just that last time I passed out.

And bam. There go the tears.

But regardless of the trickle that kept leaking from my eye, the IV was put in (Zsolt could have joined me at this point, but in the end I went in alone.)  and I calmed down while waiting for the scan.

After that came about thirty minutes of loud bonks and zapping sounds (though I wasn’t actually zapped, but the noise gets to be like a discotheque after a while. The technician had told me not to move – not even a little – but with all the MRI techno beats, it was a little difficult not to at least tap my toes.

Now I’ve had enough with the scans and am hoping that no one from the hospital calls within the next week. That would be a good sign, right? Frankly, I have now had my share of tests. Clear results! That’s what I’m looking for.

And that was the MRI – no more dizzy dye, just memories that unexpectedly came flooding back.

After the hospital Zsolt and I hit up Little India, a restaurant in Ottawa and enjoyed their ass-kicking lunch buffet. Totally delicious, and a nice reward for a test well done.


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