And the results are in

Yes! Today is a good day – today I receive the exact kind of new you want to hear: Good results. Woohoo! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Dr Canada called this morning – it being early morning, I was just waking from my sleep and slipping on a bathrobe, therefore my mom took the call.


“Hello, is this Catherine?”


“Who am I speaking with?”

Now that is funny, cause he called our house and was asking who he was speaking with – but you know what, I love that assertive behaviour in a doctor. Generally it means they know what they are doing, or at least feel confident in their actions. And from what I can tell, that’s a good thing. Besides, we already know that Dr Canada is a great guy, so his direct early-morning questioning might have surprised my mom, but everything was resolved as soon as he actually said who he was – i.e. Dr Canada calling with my results.

So my mom says she’s “Marcelle, Catherine’s mother.” And he says, “Oh great – well you can pass along the news.” Apparently my scans came up clear except for a cyst on my right ovary. And my mom was like, “it is really a cyst?” and he says, “yes, it is.” Or something like that. At this point I was heading toward the upstairs washroom with my bathrobe wrapped tight, so I never actually participated in this conversation and am totally fabricating this dialogue based on the summary provided by my mother.

Anyhow – becuase of the cyst I’ll have another scan in December. I guess this time instead of walking into a gross old waiting room decked out with Halloween cobwebs and skeletons, it’ll instead have tinsel and a plastic tree.

Hopefully by then the cyst will have gone away, away, away. I am hoping, cause I’d hate there to be any reason for further investigations.

But you know what – yes, they found a cyst (pretty normal stuff, I think), but hey: NO CANCER.


Feel free to join me in a happy dance. I’ll tell you what, this morning was quite a relief. Oh my goodness, eh, what good news today. I hope good news comes your way too. Good news for everyone! They don’t charge for this stuff.

8 thoughts on “And the results are in

  1. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Doing the happy dance for you “Philly style!” (Urban, edgy, finishing with a traditional Mummers Strut). LOL I also went for a follow-up this week and all good news too! (Brief pause while you do the happy dance in a polite, friendly Canadian way…) 😀

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