Going KALE Crazy

I’m sitting here in my kitchen nibbling on kale chips and reading over  Journey Beyond Breast Cancer’s latest round up of posts  . . . and I’m thinking isn’t this just perfection? Okay, add in  a cup of tea and all the world becomes a pinch more lovely, but I won’t brew a pot right now since friends are coming round later, and I don’t want to get a premptive caffeine buzz.

But you should know about these chips. Firstly, kale is awesome healthy for you. It’s a tough leaf, no doubt, and normally it takes considerable baking or slow-cooking to break it down . . . but with this chip trick, it’s just so darn easy (and so darn delicious) I can’t think of any reason we’re shouldn’ all be snacking on kale right this moment.

So here’s what you do:

Buy kale

Go home and turn your oven onto about 375 degrees.

Slice the leafy bits off of the stem (don’t cut yourself!) and stick the stems in your compost (or whatever, save them for later if you’d prefer – and let me know what you’re doing with them, please. I’m totally curious).

Clean the leafy bits.

Put leaves into a dish and drizzle with oil, and add some salt.   Mix.

Stick the kale onto a tray with that silicone sheet thing, or some parchment paper. (Or maybe directly onto the tray, but I haven’t tried that method.)

Stick into oven for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, take out and check . . . then stick them back in for about 4-6 minutes depending on your oven. I generally cook for at least 6 more minutes, totallying about 11 minutes.

Take out and make sure it’s all crispy, if not then stick it back in for another minute.

Take out.


And bask in the glory of  kale chips. 🙂 Healthy and delish!


6 thoughts on “Going KALE Crazy

  1. Hi Catherine, Thanks for this tip. I’m looking for easy ways to eat nutritious food that’s easy to make. This is one tip I will try.

  2. Thanks for the recipe–sounds delish! And FYI–my dog gets my kale stems! He loves them better than any “dog” treat!!! 🙂

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