That’s when it jumped in!

Oh my goodness!

So I’ve been quite computer-screen focused these past couple weeks. Just banging away at the key board, working to help a great client with her vision, and getting really productive while Zsolt is away. (I sound really cool and calm while writing this, but right now I actually feel very: “!!!” and you’ll soon hear why.)

Right, so working and staring at the screen and concentrating for periods that are unwise

[On an aside note, I’m realizing I need to work on my time management skills, because whenever I get deep into one project, my other projects suffer – and meanwhile my ultimate baby, the fiction portion of my life, goes neglected. . .well not 100% neglected, but I won’t be happy until it starts receiving more time, which, I think, means I need to schedule more strictly.]


So having stared at a screen for way too long, it seemed that post-lunch before dinner was a great time to enjoy the luxuries of living at my parents. There are pros and cons to living at home for a married woman who is nearly thirty, as you can imagine, but the pros are really quite substantial – and one of them, that is the hot tub in the back yard, is also very tempting.

Right – take a break and take a soak. Life is good.

I change into my two piece (yes!) sans false boob as always, and grab my ‘newest’ Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent, which is really quite ancient and it’s probably my third time reading this particularly novel . . . stop to help my dad choose glasses online at his favourite webpage, 39dollarglasses, and finally head outside to the tub.

Open the tub. Sink into the water.

And, oh baby, that’s good.

Relax. Breath. Enjoy.

Then *splash* something dropped into the tub and I look at this thing thinking it’s a fish that’s fallen from the sky – except NO. It’s a freaking chipmunk swimming around with me in the tub.

Basically I gasped and rose up (no screaming, interestingly) and the little chippy turns a circle and scrambles out of the tub lick-ity-split, and I’m left there partly in shock, and partly debating over whether to stay in the tub – cause I still need that break, and the water is divine.

Fortunately my Dad comes out with a print out of possible glasses frame and as I tell him the story, he suggests I get out of the tub. Clear thinking.

So, my mom  is going to freak out. But I had to tell this story because it’s ridiculous and I’d never be able to keep it a secret anyhow. A freaking chipmunk!

And there you go. Break time is over. 🙂

One thought on “That’s when it jumped in!

  1. I love chipmunks. So I’m glad it was able to climb out of the tub by itself. I once rescued a chipmunk which my kitten, Zeus, caught. Zeus was very proud of his first (and only) live catch. He was upset that I made him drop it and the chipmunk escaped up my maple tree.

    Question – Why did your dad tell you to get out of the tub and why will your mom freak out? Is your dad suggesting that the water in the hot tub be changed?

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