The Peanut Butter Paradox: working from home

Is there anything better than peanut butter on the spoon? What about being wrapped in double layer bathrobes while nodding your head to grooveshark, AND eating peanut butter on a spoon? Cause I’m doing all those things right now. Plus – let’s add some extra joy – actually doing work as well. Like, work I get paid for. (It’s a miracle!)

Ever since arriving in Canada, Zsolt and I have been trying to find our space but it’s been slow going. For some reason our plan of ‘show up and let it fall into your lap’ didn’t quite work out. Of course I’ll never ever want to retract our summer of loveliness that involved little else but family, fun and gelato, but it did mean that upon arriving in Canada – finally separated from England’s happy nest – we were starting from scratch.

And from scratch I’ve begun a small business of blogging/writing/and social media-ing for other people. Unlike copywriting, copyblogging this doesn’t make me want to hit my head – cause it’s fun. The topics are fun, and I can choose what areas to work within. Obviously writing is a passion. Now it’s becoming a passion that (soon) pays the rent. Fantastic.

But you know what the downside of working from home can be? I’m sitting here in two bathrobes, licking peanut butter and have yet to take a shower. And if I stay like this all day than I’m officially a total slob.

So I propose a work-from-home support group. What this involves is meeting others who work from home at Starbucks or Bridgehead or your public space of choice (like the library if you have a good one . . . no one of those depressing ones) and working together. Yesterday afternoon this is exactly what a girl friend and I did, and it not only got me outta the house, it also gave me reason to shower, look pretty, and exercise (cause I walked).

And we went to the cafe, sipped on our teas, read our papers/wrote our stories, and time-to-time chatted to one another. Almost like working in a open concept office where the boss doesn’t stare down your neck, except the tea wasn’t free. It was productive in so many ways that I have to recommend it.

The stay-at-home and work support group – aka: the Time for Tea and Get Yourself Pretty For Once support group. Getting you out of the house, one coffee or tea at a time.


2 thoughts on “The Peanut Butter Paradox: working from home

  1. In Salt Lake they call that #hoboworking and groups of work from home folks get together and work. Don’t feel bad, the days I work from home I shower at noon…

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