The Magazine article is HERE!

I’m rather proud of my association with Facing Cancer Together and the work they do alongside Look Good Feel Better (both a product of the CCTFA) in helping people feel supported after a cancer diagnosis. So, of course, it was my honour to be included in the latest Lives Affected by Cancer celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Look Good Feel Better campain in Canada.

A while back I wrote about a photoshoot with Totem Brand Stories  (a dynamic and talented group of people) which was taking place to accompany an article that I had written for Lives Affected by Cancer. Once again, I’m talking about sex – so if you feel squismish you might just want to read the other articles, stories from bloggers and thrivers and patients alike about life during and after a cancer diagnosis – plus healthy meal ideas, amazing photographs and an exercise guide, and enjoy all the wonderful goodies the magazine has to offer. But if you DO want to read my article (and you should, because this is an important topic, plus I love the photograph and want everyone to see it!) check out page  36 , you can also catch a glimpse of me in an advertisment for on page 41.

Magazine link is HERE!

It’s a beautiful magazine. Hard copies will soon be available in national women’s magazins across Canada, but in the meanwhile, take a browse through their clever e-magazine format.

Wooohoo for sharing stories and making connections with incredible women! Wooohooo for another published article! Wooohooo for life in general!

5 thoughts on “The Magazine article is HERE!

  1. Great article on a very important subject that often isn’t discussed. The photos of you are stunning; they show your radiance and loveliness. You are so blessed to have a loving husband. Mine checked out as he couldn’t handle my double mastectomy and lessened libido. Congratulations! xx

  2. What a beautiful magazine and you look stunning in the article! Way to go Catherine – so proud of you and all you’re accomplishing 🙂

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