Healthline gives high fives

Now the truth is – I can name manyamazing cancer-ass-kicking breast cancer related blogs that are not on this list, but nevertheless, it’s a great compliment to be added alongside these 23 BC blogs presented by Healthline. Thanks for this honour and your descriptive caption (even better than reading my horoscope!). How strange is it to read how others perceive your story? Rather strange . . .but also, kinda cool. 🙂

Well worth checking this article out to discover new stories. There are a few ladies here that I don’t know, so I look forward to visiting their pages. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Healthline gives high fives

  1. Congratulations on getting high fives from Healthline! That’s quite an accomplishment. Your blog should rate highly; you touch on many important themes that resonate with the breast cancer community. Brava! xx

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