Postcard from Southampton

(This post was meant to be up about a week ago – but instead of adding it as a post, I added it as a page. Here you go – now in the correct blog location! P.S. We are in New York now, having speant a week abroad and I’m about to meet with AnneMarie from Chemobrain! Good times and good travels.)

Excitement Alert!

I should be working –that’s why I’m here at TRAGO (WOOOOHOOO!!!) this morning, but before diving into the job, I thought it’d be great to celebrate with you that I’m here in Southampton, Portswood, Trago Lounge (best cafe ever) enjoying my micro visit immensely.

It’s so funny. Six years ago I can still remember arriving in Southampton (my first time in England) and getting off the bus, looking at the industrial town and thinking, “damn it.” Ugly was the adjective on my mind. And yet here I am for a visit six years later, revelling in every bit of cafe, street sign, familiar litter, charity shop, tea house, that strikes my eye. Particularly this cafe. This is Trago, which if you’ve read earlier parts of my blog, you know is like a slice of paradise on earth.

After my mastectomy, my mother and I came here for a pot of dark tea. After nights out with friends, we came here to wind down the night. After a burst of inspiration, I came here to write it up and share. After making plans, my girlfriends and I would gather here for a long and quenching chat.

Plus, even though it’s not yet 10 am, I’m also enjoying a chocolate gluten-free muffin.

It can be hard to spread oneself all over the place – leave bits of your life here and there. (Saying good-bye to Zsolt’s parents was a little heart-wrenching. Honestly, where’s the teleportation devices? Shouldn’t someone have invited a method for instant long-distance travel already?) But on the bright side . . .it’s good to have places that bring so much joy, even if we can be there – or with the people who live there – all the time. They are maintained in our hearts, and it’s so very good to visit in person.

Tomorrow we take the boat from Southampton to New York. Zsolt is visiting the Titanic museum today – but I took a pass, despite it supposedly being totally awesome, since – you know . . . I don’t need those associations at this moment.

Anyhow. Hello From Southampton!

That was one long postcard note. But who cares :) It’s good to have good moments. I hope you are having one yourself today.


P.S. Babies are everyone! We leave this city, and upon returning everyone has given birth! It’s quite amazing.

P.P.S. Going to meet a group of friends today – we had planned for a picnic, but this is England, so it may rain. Nevertheless, I could 100% mark this in my calender as a very fantastic day. I’m totally stoked to see everyone again. :)

4 thoughts on “Postcard from Southampton

  1. I can really identify with feeling that you’ve left pieces of your heart in the different places you’ve lived – in fact, I was having a similar thought today (and pining for some of the homes we’ve left behind). Better to have loved and lost, I tell myself (sniff!). So glad you had a great time in Southampton – it sounds delightful!

  2. Say hello to AnneMarie for me and give her a huge cyberhug from California. I would love to make the trip you are making, and see Southampton despite its industrial feel. Having “travelitis” in my genes, I’m always looking for new places to add to my bucket list. I can understand your reluctance to visit the Titanic Museum. Maybe someday you or I will do so, but we have to respect our particular season in life. Thanks for sending the postcard! xox

  3. I feel the same way about visiting the Holocaust Museum here in Houston that you did about visiting the Titanic Museum. I’m sure it’s a very worthwhile and important experience, but I’m just not sure I have the capacity to face that much tragedy at this point in my life. Maybe someday. Love the postcard!

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