Breast Fest Travel Subsidy

Rethink Breast Cancer is this awesome Canadian organization that supports young women diagnosed with the disease, and stays very cool and fun while doing it. Okay, I know breast cancer isn’t fun, but this is a fantastic organization – they help in big ways.

ANYHOW. This coming November is the Breast Fest Film Festival in Toronto. Rethink has asked us to spread the word about their travel subsidies for new ‘young’ breast cancer survivors (if you don’t like that word, feel free to mentally replace with whatever adjective you choose). This is a really fantastic festival – it’s not a downer whatsoever. Zsolt and I went last year and had a wonderful time; it’s a great chance to connect with other women impacted by this crap called breast cancer, and find fun, strength and meaning from the films and discussions.

And guess what? They have a travel subsidy covered by Rethink and a portion by Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Here’s the guidelines for who qualifies for free transportation, accommodation and entrance to the festival:

To be eligible you must be between the ages of 20-45 and have received a breast cancer diagnosis within the last 2 years. You must have never attended Breast Fest or received a subsidy from the CBCF. In addition, you agree to share your contact information with the CBCF.”

My two year window has thankfully passed (wooohooo!), but if you’re reading this and think you’re at a place where you’d like to connect with other young women and this amazing organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them and apply for the subsidy. The deadline is September 14th – so move fast! Believe me, they do things with class and style. It’s not a weekend to wallow in the misery of cancer, it’s about celebrating life and being open about this problem.

Here’s the link. Happy viewing!



4 thoughts on “Breast Fest Travel Subsidy

  1. I plan to go next year! I finish treatment a week before the event and have had a holiday planned for early November… I think it’s so great Rethink does this. I look forward to attending it next year!

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