Poetry and Orange Slices

I have an urge to do two things. One: eat this plateful of sliced oranges. And Two: share with you a poem I wrote in my head while walking home from the grocery store today.

Here is the poem.

I am feeling rather shitty

But my shoes are yellow, and they’re quite pretty.

Inspiration like this just hits me all time. Today I went to the grocery store for a little environmental change; I’ve been in this new flat of ours all day and just needed to see people. Plus, I’m full on knackered after  the move and with all the boxes – not to forget the fellow downstairs smokes, and I believe it’s getting to me a little bit. However, the apartment is lovely and eventually the boxes will unpack themselves. In the meanwhile I will take little excursions to the coffee shop, the grocery store and the library to break up my day. Really I need to get a part-time job that involves working with people in the real world. I love my online life, but sometimes it can be a little bit lonely. Maybe I ought to join one of those ‘open’ offices where freelancers come together and just work in a shared environment, despite all working for themselves. Or maybe, even better, I should open one of those spaces myself and then hang out there all day and distract people from their work.


These orange slices are a little sour

And yet they fill my brain with power.


Okay, one more.

Ikea boxes all around

And not a fixture to be found.

(because I lose them really easily . . . don’t tell Zsolt.)

  P.S. Having just finished the doodle, I’m done my oranges! Currently debating whether to slice a few more . . . and hmm, I seem to feel a little better. Maybe the walk and creative stupidity helped?

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