2 thoughts on “A few photos

  1. My favourite picture is of the abstract art… I can spend lots of time looking at it and seeing different images… I see a long-bodied cat with a fluffy tail… I see…

    The atlas is cool too. It looks like an old one with names of countries we may have had to learn and draw in geography class and which no linger exist. A big atlas reminds me of being home.

    The art boxes are cute. One looks like you with a black and white cat, while another one looks like Zsolt.

    I like what you have done with the sofa. Makes me think I’ll have to start sewing too. My kitten who thinks he is the centre of the universe uses my sofa for his protests, even though he has 5 scratching posts.

    Your pictures have captured the feeling of being home. Congratulations! May your home be filled with joy and laughter.

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