Cookie Comforts

Ah, sometimes when cruising through life we just need to stop and enjoy a cookie. That’s my mantra: have a cookie and a cup of tea, things will seem better. So this morning I paused in my workday to whip up – literally, it took 10 minutes – some cookies. Gluten free chocolate-chip cookies, and tresssss delish! The only thing is, I didn’t write down the receipe and put in way too much sugar (could have done with about 1 cup less).

Here are some guidelines if you want to try this yourself.

2 eggs, 1/2 cup ish melted butter, 1 cap vanilla extract, pinch of salt and some sugar (A bit of white and a bit of brown, but not too much overall! Maybe coconut sugar would be a nice alternative?). Mix and set aside.

Some gluten-free flour mix (no clue what’s in this, but it’s from Bulk Barn . .. it tastes quite beany raw, so I suspect lentil flour mixed with other stuff) – maybe 3/4 a cup, ground almond –  I don’t know.  1 – 1.5 cups ish? (I just shook it out of the mason jar).  pinch of tapioca starch. Bit of baking powder (gluten free), few table spoons icing sugar (gluten free? – though maybe cut this entirely since these cookies are too sweet),  bit of coconut flour . . 1/2 cup? I have no idea. Chocolate chips to your preference . .. I didn’t put in many.

Mix it all together till it’s wet but not too wet. (Ha! This is such a poorly described recipe!) and spoon out into balls on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Bake at 350 about 8-10 minutes. Yummy!  You can freeze any leftover dough for later cookie cravings.

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