Rocking the Mirror Ball

We are back in Ottawa after an awesome weekend in Toronto, celebrating Mirror Ball 2012 and Look Good Feel Better’s 20th anniversary. I feel 100% lucky to be connected to Facing Cancer Together, not only because I’ve lived its benefits firsthand, but because the people who pour their efforts into making this website, support programs, emotional cheer leading, warm-hearted community, yearly magazine, bloggers’ stories, and forum conversations all WORK (take a deep breath now if you are reading this aloud for some reason) are even more fabulous than this past weekend’s ball.

So yes, it was my honour to attend the CCTFA’s annual fundraiser gala for Look Good Feel Better and Facing Cancer Together.

I could write all about it, (Like how Dionne Warner gave a moving speech about moving through 8 cancer diagnosis with the love and support of her husband, Graham; and how Don (Riding Shotgun) in his dapper bowtie stood up before the entire audience and shared his story of how the support has touched his life, and thanked the room for their amazing contributions; or how the beautiful lady who once presented me with a 20th anniversary LGFB Movado watch during the Facing Cancer Together Award of Honour presentation (Take another deep breath!) came by my table toward the evening’s close and said she was a fan of Bumpyboobs! She even knew about the cockroaches! – Or how I stayed at a friend’s place for the weekend, and was charmed by a Toronto area called ‘Cabbagetown’.)

Instead of all that, I’ll direct you to the photo gallery on my Bumpyboobs Facebook page. The photographs speak for themselves, it was a wonderful event. (Please feel free to ‘like’ the page while you are there!)

Thank you again to everyone who contributes to making and LGFB work, from the donors, the organizers, the volunteers, the women and those who love them gathering on the page to give and receive support, and the behind the scenes team – THANK YOU. You are all an important part of this community.

3 thoughts on “Rocking the Mirror Ball

  1. I agree with Auscanuckssarah – the glasses, the big grin, the sparkling blue eyes, purple dress and the cool guy next to you – gorgeous!

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