RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers

RBC Bronwen Wallace Award

Attention Canadian Writers-in-Progress:

The RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers is happening again this year, only this time it’s open for poetry. Once again you need to be under 35, unpublished in book form and without a book contract, but also have at least one previous publishing credit in a literary magazine or journal.

Personally, I feel as though this is somewhat ageist – because quite honestly, a person can come into writing at any age. In fact, if you’re older, you may face more challenge in being accepted as a publishable writer than someone younger. (Plus, I’m thirty and in five years will be too OLD for this competition. What the heck?! )

This is a great competition because it would be HUGE to win, plus there’s no entry fee. How many competitions do you know with NO ENTRY FEE?

Therefore if you are a poet, and you know it, Canadian, not over 35, without a book contract or published book and have been in a literary magazine or journal (gasping for breath as I write these conditions!), please do consider submitting your poetry. It’s a great opportunity.

Take care! And click the image to read the PDF details for submission.


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