Holidays in Review

Some Holiday Highlights before I decide to clean up the flat and get ready for New Years. I guess the season is passing by – as it does. Bring on 2013 and hopefully a whole lotta goodness.


Adventures to look forward to:

  • Finishing the first draft of my story for the second time. Sending out the work and saying “hello” to agents.
  • Travelling to Hungary for Easter.
  • New projects and wonderful work adventures.
  • Clear scans.
  • The baby project.
  • And enjoying every single day of feeling good, living in love, and just being HERE.

2012 Christmas Highlights:

  • Mom and Dad making gingerbread cookies, just as I posted on this blog about missing Lulu’s cookies. Mom made a gluten & grain-free cookie, and dad cut them into all kinds of shapes and iced the people. He even made a gingerbread Zsolt.
  • Mimosas. Mom and I snuck several of these drinks over the holidays with raspberries bobbing in the juice & champagne. I’m thinking I might sample some more come New Years. YUM. It totally satisfied my recent orange juice craving.
  • Being together. I’ll never stop being thankful for being with my family on Christmas. Now if only we could be in two places at once and share with Zsolt’s family too. Well, hopefully next year.
  • December 24th. Zsolt and I have a little Christmas celebration to ourselves every year. Typically that preceded our parting ways to visit our families . . .but now we’re a family ourselves, so we stick together. I won’t go into details, but should at least say that the night involved dancing.
  • Balaton from the 80s. We received a lovely book from a lovely lady all about Lake Balaton. This book must have been published in the 80s, and it’s all in English. Zsolt’s mind was BLOWN when we opened this gift. He read the entire thing cover to cover.
  • Bing Crosby. We’ve been listening to good old Bing on the record player. I’ve already talked about the skipping and the nostalgia in the cracks and bumps . . . but it’s so lovely, I thought it’s worth mentioning again.
  • Telestrations. A FUN game where you pass around a word as you would in the game ‘telephone’, except instead of whispering you draw the word. This game works best if you are bad at drawing. Otherwise it could become boring.
  • SNOW. Ottawa is a giant snowball. It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing. Not on Christmas, but ever since. Now, where are the snow shoes and cross country skies? Oh wait . . . I’m right in the middle of the city without a car. Brutal! I’ll just stick to shovelling my stairs.

I hope your holidays were just as lovely. And you know what? They’re not over! Isn’t that fantastic?

2 thoughts on “Holidays in Review

  1. I’m just wondering… taking a WILD guess….. the dancing on December 24th in the highlights just MIGHT have something to do with the Baby Project you are looking forward to….. Just thinking aloud….

    HUGS and more hugs….

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