Poll: Your Objective Opinion

NamingOkay, I’m in need of some outside opinion.

Specifically I need your opinions because, when it comes to writing titles for my stories, I’m just total garbage. So, I’m not going to tell you anything about this book – I’m just going to list three possible ideas, and it’d be great if you could vote on one of the options. Honestly, I think agents, editors, publishers & marketers tend to change titles, but I nevertheless need to attract their attention before that stage.

So here are the options. Please choose your gut-impulse choice.

What title would make you pick up this book?

4 thoughts on “Poll: Your Objective Opinion

  1. Without knowing anything about your book, I was drawn to the ripple effect – sounds like a thriller! But that may not work if your book is a rom-com. (also there is another book called the ripple effect…. something to do with water). I dunno. it’s tough to pick out a title without knowing your target audience or genre of book.

    The “never-ending” options reminded me of the never-ending story. I thesaurus’d “never ending”….. you could do Clarie: Uninterrupted
    But I was a fan of the movie Girl Interrupted, and I can’t even recall the last book I read…. so, who am I to say what your title should be!

    Maybe you should go with Killer Robots from Space just to catch the attention of the publishers! Like you said… they’ll change it anyways 🙂

  2. I would not use “Killer Robots from Outer Space.” I know you were kidding, but I don’t know if the commenters were. I’ve had a book and many articles traditionally published and I know that editors react strongly against writers who use gimicks to get their attention. I think you’re on the right track. Sometimes they change the title, but if it’s really good and marketable, they’ll keep it. The main thing, however, is to hook them with the first few paragraphs. A strong beginning is what matters most. Wishing you best of luck!

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