Searching for David and Hajni

(Just a point of information for readers who may be like, what the heck? David & Hajni are a lovely couple we meet while in Portugual just after I had finished radiation treatment. We stayed at the same guest house and played MANY rounds of Zsir (meaning grease), a Hungarian card game.)

This is a far-off, long-shot of a chance (like BIG TIME). But if David or Hajni happen to read this post, please do know that we’ll be in Budapest around the 4th-8th ish, and would be glad to meet up. I tried your old email address, but it’s not working. There’s only a micro slim chance you’ll see this, but nevertheless – here’s to giving it a shot!

Where in the World

And to everyone else who was notified of a post, and instead read this strangly targeted and personalized message. I have instead for you the worst joke you’ll ever read, which I used to share with people when I was younger thinking it was totally awesome (because I made it up myself).

What do you get when you stuff a house full of cheese?

. . .

Cottage cheese!

And that’s why I’ve never gone into comedy.

3 thoughts on “Searching for David and Hajni

  1. I like your hand-drawn picture of the world with the twinkly stars and the moon in the background. It reminds me of how small our world is, and the possibility that you’ll reconnect with David and Hajni soon.

  2. dear catherine,

    i do hope you find your friends! i know we made a lot of friends during treatment, but never exchanged contact info – i think of them so often, and wish i could re-connect.

    as to the “cheesey” joke – i think you must have been quite a precocious little girl. now i can’t wait to share it with my grandkids – they will love it!

    love, XOXO,

    karen, TC

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