A Post for Karen

I can’t imagine what it is to lose the most important person in the whole world. I just can’t. Maybe one day that will change, but I pray it’s no time soon.

A friend lost her husband this past week. Her name is Karen, and she’s full of love and enthusiasm and support for the ladies online who have been through cancer. I don’t know of any way to help, or any way to alleviate what she’s going through – and I’m certain she’s not checking her RSS feed – but just on the off chance that Karen reads this, I would like to make her (make you, Karen) smile just a little.

So here’s my contribution to your day today. I hope you enjoy the video. It seemed special to me in its simplicity. (And thanks to CoffeeJitters for sharing this initially)

Dedicated to Karen, here’s a video on finding what you’re looking for – and so often, I think we’re looking for love in all its forms.

4 thoughts on “A Post for Karen

  1. Thank you for sharing the video, Catherine – I love it, and it’s so true that we find what we seek. A friend of mine also lost her husband a couple of weeks ago, so my thoughts go out to Karen. ❤

  2. Catherine, thank you for posting this beautiful video to remind us that when we expand our ways of perceiving and open our hearts, we can find what we seek in unexpected places.

  3. oh, dear catherine,

    you DID make me smile! your sweet, kind words and this wonderful video went right to MY heart. i was also crying tears of wonder and joy – i have hundreds and hundreds of heart shaped rocks! whenever hugh and i were near the ocean, we spent hours looking for them; sometimes we hid the really special ones in our pockets to show each other for a surprize later on. the hours and hours of heart-shaped rock hunting were such a joy, and seeing them in our garden or displayed in jars and dishes all around our home makes me so happy remembering just hugh and me, together in the sun, laughing with such glee with each “find”. even though i will miss my hugh at my side, i will still try to find more hearts. this was a hard day of grieving, flooded with tears of emptiness and despair. then i came to your site and found this beautiful post you left. i was looking for comfort and solace, and i found it! thank you, thank you.

    much love, XOXO,


    • I’m so, so, so very glad for that Karen. How incredible that you have a collection of heart-shaped rocks. The world works in mysterious ways, and I’m awfully glad to have been part of putting a smile on your face, and bringing you to a happy time with Hugh. You’re in my thoughts.

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