No Matter What

Tomorrow is the biopsy, and that is okay. I’m nervous, but that is okay too. No matter what, we will work toward two very, very important things in our lives: To be happy and healthy – no matter what results come from the biopsy.

Thank you so much for all the kind thoughts and wishes. It has been a lift, and I most certainly know there are many people and more importantly,  friends (whether or not we’ve ever met!) out there cheering us onward. To Zsolt, thank you. To my parents, thank you. To my brothers and their beautiful partners, thank you. To my friend down the street, thank you. To my friends online, thank you. To my friends around the world, thank you. Part of Happy & Healthy is that key component of Love. And I feel a whole lot of love in my life. So, THANK YOU.


Happy and Healthy2

25 thoughts on “No Matter What

  1. dear Catherine,

    I stand with you and for you and zsolt – happy and healthy. and first and foremost, love. love is always the answer. feeling loved makes us love in return, and soon we are filling the universe with the most powerful entity in existence.

    I hold you both close to my heart, wish you good fortune for tomorrow, and send you the brightly shining light of hope.

    love, XOXO


  2. Just calling by to say I am thinking of you, sending love and light and focusing on slivers. Lots of love and hugs, tight squeezes (gentle ones of course 😉 ), quick results, clarity and holding out for some reassurance.xxxxx

  3. Today I looked up at the sky, which is clear and sunny, and I prayed that your body is clear of cancer and that your future is sunny. Much love to you, Zsolt and your family.

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  5. No matter what you are fabulous, and surrounded by love and support. I watched a great documentary on happiness today, so after reading this post I thought I’d share it here. It’s called Happy. If you look for the Happy Movie you will find it.

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