If you happen to be in Ottawa

If you happen to be in Ottawa next Monday, I’m speaking with Women in Leadership at the HUB on Bank Street. During the conversation, I’ll be talking to Tina (President of WIL) about creating a Kickstarter event, learning how to ask for what you want, navigating around pretty big (emotional) challenges, etc. It should be a good conversation.

They’ve started a Eventbrite page, so I’m linking it here should anyone like to join us and register. Of course, I’d be glad to see some friendly and familiar faces there. I’m going to put on my investment sweater and hope it works some magical powers. Really, me as an “Fascinating Woman”? I don’t know. But what the heck? There’s a first time for everything! Besides, as I have found with my blogging – everyone has a fascinating story, all you need to do is listen, ask and dig just a little.

So, see you there, or not. Either way, have a lovely week πŸ˜‰

(P.S. Oh my GOODNESS, I’m thick in the middle of editing. It’s totally thrilling and totally consuming. My eyes are going cross from all this screen staring. Happy days.)



6 thoughts on “If you happen to be in Ottawa

  1. oh, Catherine – how I wish I could be there for your appearance on WIL. and YES, most definitely, you ARE a fascinating woman! and what a story you have to tell – especially about your dream to be a novelist, then publish your book – then the triumph of kickstarter – all in the face of what could have made many others simply give up and take to their beds.

    I am thrilled for you, enjoying being immersed in all the editing. happy days, indeed.

    much love and light to you, my friend,


  2. Catherine,

    I enjoyed the event in that intimate environment. I took lots of notes. The information you shared about creating a successful Kickstarter campaign (e.g., benchmarks, the importance of social media, tips on offers for different levels, having a good story, and connecting with one’s audience) was informative and inspiring. For me you are a trailblazer … exchanging your experience so that followers like me can learn and feel less intimidated by our goals. Your passion was visible by the sparkle in your eyes and the smile on your face. Leadership – inspiring others with passion. I’m inspired and feel less intimidated by pursuing my current goal.

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