Ta Da! Meet the Book :)

coverIt’s here and it is beautiful!

The past couple days have been about signing books, packaging books, and sending books. So I hope you receive yours soon. When you do, I’d LOVE to see a picture of you and your book (or just your book) that I could share online. Many of the Claires have a lust for travel and adventure in this novel, so it’d be great to see where the actual novel travels to 🙂 You send in pics through ClaireNeverEnding@gmail.com, or share on my facebook page, or tweet it at @Bumpyboobs. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, the book is now available online (and at my parent’s office in Kanata).

Where can you buy the book? Soft cover novels are being sold through Amazon: http://amzn.to/1a60ypI You can also buy ebooks through Amazon for kindle AND Smashwords. Smashwords carries every ebook format, so it’s very good for any kind of device.

Reviews are a really helpful thing for an author. So, if you read the book and like it, please do give it a review on Amazon.com (book or ebook), and/or Goodreads. That would be amazing.

Lastly, my website is up! After a little trouble getting it connected, it’s finally flying. Check it out at http://www.CatherineBrunelle.com

I feel like I’ve asked so much from everyone with the Kickstarter campaign and this novel. Just so you know, I have been so touched by people pouring forth with their enthusiasm. In return here are my hopes for you:

  • I hope you find the story to be good, especially for all of you who have been reading alongside me with this blog.
  • I hope it carries you in that big yellow balloon and whisks you away for your own adventure.
  • I hope you have a favourite Claire.
  • I hope it helps you to smile, laugh and nod (and tear-up just occasionally) often as you read the stories.
  • I hope you recognize bits and pieces of yourself in these women. (Despite their being 100% fictional)
  • I hope when you chase after your own Big Dreams, you let me know so I can cheer you forward as you did for me.

It isn’t a perfect novel, but it’s one of the heart – as I am sure they all are. And for me, the pay off has been interacting with everyone on the Kickstarter campaign and allowing a new definition of myself to develop that is so, so good. The Catherine who made this book is a very happy Catherine, indeed.

Here’s a picture of my dad after I dropped the book off at his house. It made me smile, so I’ll share it with you too.

Picture 1

Have yourself a beautiful week.


17 thoughts on “Ta Da! Meet the Book :)

  1. I received my book today, Catherine! I cannot WAIT to read it! It looks so lovely, and I love that you signed it. I will read it over this Thanksgiving weekend. Congrats, this book is such an awesome and beautiful accomplishment! Woot woot! xoxo

  2. I was thrilled when I arrived home to find your hand delivered book (hours just before a major snow storm and faster than Canada Post). I really like the book cover because Ian stayed true to your original drawing (which makes me think you are an artist in addition to being a writer), and it wraps around to the back, giving it a feeling of movement. I see Catherine Brunelle’s dark-blue hot air balloon just poking through the clouds … and up-and-coming writer!

    When I opened the package, my four-month old kitten was standing next to me balanced on her hind legs to see what her ‘mommy’ was reading. Soon, she and I will be snuggling in bed as I read your book. Congratulations!

      • I enjoyed the book immensely, couldn’t put it down, read it in one day. I could see, hear and smell the small towns of Canada. I was impressed by the ingenuity and courage of the heroines. My favourite Claire is Elizabeth Earl-Grey in her battle with Mrs. Wong (a great Asian accent Mrs. Wong has). I could see a lot of my mother in Amelia Claire Stives – what a tough, smart lady that Amelia Claire Stives turned out to be. I was looking forward to knowing more about Amelia Claire Stives ever since I first read about her in Elizabeth’s story, and I was not disappointed. Great novel!

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  4. My copy arrived in the post a couple of days ago – I’m saving reading it as a treat for a train journey visiting my Dad next weekend, and also for the Christmas hols. Haven’t got round to taking a photo yet – wanted it to be special, rather than just in my living room…! x

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